Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. It’s importance is comparable to that of Christmas. Some activities practiced during this festival are spring festival couplets, hanging flags, popping firecrackers, and a family grand dinner. Traditional laba porridge is made which is “a delicious kind of porridge made with glutinous rice, millet, seeds of Job’s tears, jujube berries, lotus seeds, beans, longan and gingko” (China Internet Information Center). Click here for more information.

The Chinese character “fu”, meaning blessing or happiness, is put up around. It could be pasted normally or upside down because in Chinese the reversed fu is translates to “fu comes”. Red lanterns and brightly colored New Year paintings are displayed while red paper-cuttings are shown on window glass.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The moon is said to be the fullest and brightest on this day than any other month and symbolizes a sense of togetherness; therefore this day is often known as the Reunion Festival. Some activities that occur during this festival are Dragon Boat racing, enjoying the moonlight, and eating moon cakes. This festival is known as the time for poets and lovers. Click here for more information.

“A moon cake is a delicately-stuffed round cake that is delicious and nice to look at. The cake is often given as a gift between family and friends during the festival to show greetings. A small cake is a carrier of good wishes between family members, the eagerness to join family reunion of those away from home and people’s praying for happiness” (cultural-china.com).

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